The F@#$in Title Says It All…

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Albums 2 Buy

…wit yo cheap ass:

Curren$y- Pilot Talk

Dame got a heater with Spitta BKA Curren$y, smooth beats, dope rhymes, go get your ears a treat and a rest from that bullshit you usually listen to.

Rick Ross- Teflon Don

This shit is High End gangsta rap, shit to play at 2pm on Sunday once you outta church and you about to take a sunday drive through the hood. Ricky put it down once again.


Random Pic of the Week

Elephant one to elephant two: “let’s fuck in the middle of this tour, I bet we make the Random Blog”

Elephant one was RIGHT!!! 🙂


We really never left, cause we can never really stop being Random, I mean who can??? And it aint like random shit doesnt happen every day, sometime muthaphuckas just forget to log in a blog about the shit…. but the Random blog will never die, it may rest but it will never die!!!

So, back to your regularly scheduled blog, already in progress…

Dont get a tattoo while your drunk, and stupid and have a unhealty obsession with cats

 and did I say stupid???