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Method To Our Madness

We here at Random Blog LOVE bring you good ppl the randomest shit we can find on the net, making you laugh and think, and comment (some of you muthaphuckas), but we also want some money and free shit, in a word: Sponsors. So we have complied a list of ideal sponsors for our blog, of shit that we really use:

1) GIN Seagram's GinWe drink a shit load of gin when we are coming up with shit to post, so Seagrams needs to send some of that good ole money we’ve been investing in their company, or send a couple cases. 🙂

2. Vodka2571

When we here at Random Blog do get paid (not from Sponsors, hence this post) we like to upgrade to the good shit, Ciroc. Ciroc gets you wasted, but it appeals more so on any female company that you may have: LADIES LOVE CIROC. Mix that shit with some good fruit juice and you will understand why number

3. is magnum

Yes Magnums, we here love Magnums, in fact I think for a time we forgot who even made them, but we wouldnt if they were sending us some boxes for free now would we???

4. Porn


Yes the good ppl here at Random Blog are avid fans of the pornographic arts (and from the looks of this picture, so is TO) and we here also know that Porn is a billion dollar industry (some of that is ours as well) so we know that they could stand to send us a lil of that so that we can invest it right back into the industry, aint that how the economy works ppl??? Atleast send us a password or something, shit.

5. Cars

2009-cadillac-escaladeWe at Random Blog dont just sit in the fucking house all day, we have to go see the world, and get brews, etc. So we need cars for that, dont we?? We especially like Cadillacs, and there are made by who??? GM, oh yeah see we forgot, but if the great ppl that come to Random Blog saw the good ppl that work at Random Blog in Cadillac Escalade Hybrids, they wouldnt forget, cause GM ads would be posted all over this muthaphuckin blog!!! And the ppl would also think “wow, this blog must be the shit because look at what those guys are driving” And that my friends, is a “win win”

6. Brews


Last but not at all least, Brews, we LOVE brews, we love COPIOUS amounts of brew. This is probably the ONLY sponsor that would wouldnt except money from, just beer, thats all.

Random Shit (literally)

Finally and new way to wipe your old ass, and yes this is a real product.

One Time 4 Aaliyah

aaliyah14January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001

Random Classic

Real talk if this was still the standard of rap music, there would be a lot less full pure bullshit ass rap muthaphuckas making music.

Sweet Tee

Found on



(Excuse the dude “modeling” the shirt, cause he definitely aint rocking it right)


Inspired by cartoons:

FatAlbert Dunks

Brown Hornet DUNK_HI_1024 copy


HEMAN DUNK_HI_1024 copy

Skeletor DUNK_HI_1024 copy

Ok Nike, stop bullshittin and cut the check!!!