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Random Reason To STILL Love Hip Hop

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Random News


The historically black (all-male) college  Morehouse  is looking into enforcing a new dress code for the students that attend the school, called the “Appropriate Attire Policy”. It calls for bans on wearing doo-rags, grills (real or fake), no sagging, and no women’s clothes…YES WOMENS CLOTHES:

“Perhaps the most confounding, and yet revealing, part of the Morehouse rules is the ban on women’s dress. “No wearing of clothing associated with women’s garb (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at College-sponsored events,” reads the policy. Placed conspicuously at the end of the dress code, and so fundamentally different from the prohibitions that precede it, one gets the sense that in the end, the dress code is really all about that one sentence.”

SO apparently lil dudes is at this ALL MALE school running around with dresses and shit on, my question is how are these lil muthafuckers grades?? Cause if wearing pumps helps your lil ass keep a 4.0, then shit rock them stilettos lil muthcfucka

Video of the Week

Probably of the Year.

*sidenote: Yes Meka (2dope) Swiss wins, cause whenever you can wake and look over at A. Keys you have officially earn the “W”

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Death of Auto-Coon….


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Random Pic of the Week




Sad part is that this is somebodies cousin.

….congrats Brenda lol

Random Real Talk

Meka (2dopeboyz) Talking about Gucci Mane and Plies “Wasted” video:

“Let’s be real: neither Shake or myself give 3/5 of a shit about this guy. However, since the site has grown we’ve pretty much forced to toss this bullshit up every once in a while. I die a little bit inside each time too.”

3/5 of a shit “ classic.

Random Video of the Week

And in my top 5 of videos of the year!!!