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Just In Time For Christmas

No not those fucking Jordans they are re-selling to you fucks for double the price (I promise this year Im only standing in line for 2hrs and thats IT!!)

The NEW NEW Lil Wayne

Maybe this one will make up for the bullshit he put on the Carter 4


Facebook Issues “Jordan Don’t Even Make High Heels”




Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At A Time

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It’s Wu baby!!


Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At A Time

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DMX Arrested Again!!!?

Say it aint so Darkman!!!

This situation is being blown way out of proportion. DMX was in jail for approximately 1 hour. Also the report given by Sgt. Rudy Lujan of AHP, was exaggerated according to the people present. DMX does admit to driving at 85mph but not nearly at the speed that was suggested in the report. In response to the constant harassment by Arizona law enforcement, DMX says this, “God brought me to Phoenix and I’m not going to let no man run me and my family from our home!” Despite being under a microscope, DMX is doing everything he can to put his past criminal charges behind him and focus on music. – Domenick Nati”

Some people seriously can’t stay clean no matter what?  I wonder where he was going where he had to punch the gas like that to get there.  Maybe it was just another case of DWB (Driving While Black).  At any rate… dude has the worst luck.  SMH.

Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At A Time
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The Road to Recovery

So, I recently had a bad breakup. My heart is so crushed. She was my sun, my moon, my stars. The very core of my existence is now in limbo. I just don’t know how I’ll ever get over h…


Never mind. I think I’m good now.


– Captain ALou

Telemarketers, beware

So bad ass!

– Captain ALou

Random Gift Idea


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