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OMG YES!!!!!


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SADE returns to save music February 8, 2010.

Im PRAYING that there is a tour!!!


I Love You Alicia pt. 2

The American Music Awards Edition.

Ive long ago given up on watching Award shows, but thats why Im thankful for youtube and various blogs to fast forward though all that bull shit and pick out the good shit, like this Alicia moment:

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Random Classic

Enter The Dragon:

“Man, you come right out of a comic book.” -Williams


I LOVE OLIVIA MUNN, and I think in the right place at the right time, with the planets in the right alignment, I could beat

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Random Sports

I used to use a term “BTBA” it means “beat that bitch ass”  (not promoting domestic violence, CHRIS!!!) Elizabeth Lambert has taken that term to heart:

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Sad part is, they still lost!!!

Move Over Fleece

You all remember good ol Fleece Johnson, right?? Well this dude right here is makes Fleece look like A.C. Green!!!

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I Love you Alicia!!!

FUCK SWIZZ (I was cool with it, but NOW I’m HATIN!!!)

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/107342&tbid=k_9295&p=p/s&height=490&width=416]

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