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Random Preview

OH YEAH!!! Drop Dead Fred is back fucking with kids heads!!!

Via Olivia (My baby Mama) Munn

Its starring the hardest dude in Watchmen (which was wack as fuck, aside from the ass kickins and sex scenes) Jackie Earle Haley

And all I have to say the shit better be good, cause Im still fucking scared of the first Nightmare on Elm Street to this day!!! (click HERE to watch that shit)


Random Sammich

Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit:


“Fried bologna,” actually made by browning bologna on a flat-grill, is often served in a sandwich, scrambled with eggs and cheese for breakfast, or, of course, paired with a biscuit.

Looks yummy don’t it, click the pic for the full story

Suge Says

Shit in this recession I wonder it Death Row is hiring lol

2Pac Vibe Interview

Ive been watching this shit like all week. Its good shit, and it explains why he went so hard on everybody when he got outta jail lol

Parts 1 2 3

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Random Freshness

These are just FUCKING HARD!!!!

vandal-michigan-2vandal-michigan-3via Nice Kicks

The Effects of Loving Losers

The two girls in front of us were drunk before the game started. They grabbed one of our signs and trashed it (real classy) because were Vikings fans, and then spent most of the first half mocking us instead of watching the game because the Lions were ahead.

They left their seats and we thought they were gone for good but somehow they managed to buy even more beer and get back to their seats. They were spilling beer on themselves, the seats, and some of the other fans. After they spilled quite a bit of beer on the guys in the row below them, they turned around and told them to SIT DOWN. One girl didnt like that so she poured the rest of her beer on his head. Then I knew it was time to start the camera :)”

I know the Lions havent won in like 2 seasons (so far). And it hurts, but dont fucking go to a game, in a Lions jersey and get into it with another person in a Lions jersey infront of everybody including ppl going for the other fuckin team!!!

“Stankin ass Bitch!”

Random Video Of the Week

Will Work For Becky!!!