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Random Jam of the Week

Dis muh sheeet

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Random Word of the Day

SLORE (sl-or) – 1. he combining of a “slut” and “Whore”. Usually in terms of a real trick ass bitch, who can’t keep dick out her mouth/puss/rectum.

“Yo that bitch ain’t nuttin but a mudda’fuckin’ Slore”
2.  Cross between “slut” and “whore”. Used to reference a woman who indiscriminately shares the beds of anyone who shows interest, often without protection and/or discretion.

Person1: “That chick who sued Kobe had different guys’ sperm in her.”
Person2: “What a slore.”
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Hey look, Kat made it to the Random Blog, wow, I think that’s progress, for which one (the broad or the blog) I don’t know yet??? Kat does teach everyone a valuable lesson: Don’t stick your dick in to anything with a big mouth and a camera ; and that, is one to muthaphuckin grow on!!!

All About the Benjamins

Peep the new Hunnids:

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Look a Big Ben looking real balla with the phat gold plated 100, so you know what time it is. Big Ben new bills drop February 2011, hopefully by then I can have a few in my pocket 🙂


Let Random Blog put you up on game…literally:

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Dan had to use one of his lives to show you how it is when you “save” the princess, cause in the real world you don’t get any free men…

Random Shit

The One Sixth scale Obama (”1/6 Scale Truetype Body – African American Advanced TTM-15″) aka The Obamanator!!!

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And fuck that Kung Fu grip shit, cause he has:

“Two (2) sets of bendable and interchangeable palms
– One (1) pair for holding gun”

(For all those hatin ass senators that like to yell out shit when they get mad)

He may not be anatomically correct, but he is politically correct. And don’t worry, He’ll Be Black!!!

Video Of the Week

Caution: Boner Alert!!!!

Like my homeboy said, this and the Superhead porn are what you should DEMAND that your current or future wife watch and study!!!

Sweet Tee

Double Header!!!

New Random Blog Tee

Fresh for 2010 you SUCKAZ!!!!

Coming Soon….