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Random Video

So to date besides the white cheerleader squad that DESTROYED the Sprite Step Show, shouts out to the talented ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha, the most talked (and laughed about) video is the Epic beard man beating the breaks off fake ass Coolio on the bus. WELL, guess whos bizak, none other than Epic Beard Man, aka Tom Bruso, aka Im a Muthafucker, aka Mr. I take tuff guys like you and slap the shit out em, and this time he is going up against the cops!!! EBM says FUCK THE POLICE…then gets his big ass tased lol, enjoy:



A Tribute Song

For the post below, since there isnt a song, that I know of, about women inΒ  leggings I will dedicate this song to them:

Shit there are some women rocking leggings in this video, but that was before the fake ass epidemic…

A(nother) Random Tribute

To Legging, OMG I LOOOOVE women in leggings and heels πŸ™‚

So here is a tribute to the women that where them, well:

Random Freshness

J Dilla Documentary by Stussy parts 1 &2 (of 3)

via Crate Kings

Random Pic of the Week

A warning to all you Piss Jug users:

Click the pic for proper Piss Jug disposal techniques via the Trailer Park Boys


Playing Wanda for Jimmy Kimmel, in Black History Month, and I still love her!!! And peep her jumping out of the first thing Im buying when this Blog takes off (however long that is) the Jag XF:

via 2Dopeboyz

A Random Tribute

To the See-Through Shirt, we would like to thank the designers and the women that wear them πŸ™‚