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Random Video of The Week

Random Blog x Work That Booty pick for video (and ass of the week)

Her new name is Erykah Badookadonk!!! 🙂


Sweet Tee

No explanation why this shit is fucking hard, you just know:

Via Karmaloop

Random Freshness

We all know how I feel about Nike, if it aint the fact that they dont do shit for they’re avid black and brown customers, is its the fact that they keep regurgitating wack new designs and covering up for them with old school classic shoe releases (with up to date inflation)  BUT sometimes, they do pull off something Random Blog worthy, and this is one of those times:

Nike Air Max Lebron VII  Heroes Pack “Micheal Jordan”

via Sneaker Files

These joints are a smooth mix of the Black /Red Air Jordan XI and the Lebron VII. I have no fucking idea when (if ) they drop (which is mostly the case when Nike makes some shoes I actually would buy, complaint number 3) but if and when they do I might consider copping.

Sweet Tee

My homie Joey B, with the sweet tee of the week!!!


STFU Awards

This is the First of many STFU (shut the fuck up) Awards to be handed out. But the first STFU award (drumroll) goes to : Congressman Devin Nunes for giving white ppl the big ok to say “nigger”, when they get mad, or you disagree with your political beliefs:

via GGurls

The Book Of Obama

Chapter 1, verse 1: Change.

Health Care Reform bill passed!!! (click here for like) To me this is a good thing that has aspects of becoming a great thing. Millions of Americans need some form of health care, and more often than not don’t seek it for the simple fact that they cant afford it. Aside from that this should open more job opportunities in the fields of both health and insurance. But we will see, its only a bill and well: