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Remembering Mike pt.2

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Remembering Mike…


Monday Motivation

Lucky Bastard Edition:

I know this is a lil old, but them pictures aint got shit over the video. This is Monday Motivation because you have to be on your game to have a mega fine, mega rich woman like Halle come slob you down like that!!! Props to J. Foxx!!!

Auto-Coon pt.6

The Originator: Big Ass Chain pt 2 (co-starring Soulja Boy)

Random WTF

Fuck you Pay me edition:

blind-justicevia CNET

So what had happend was this chick Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty of willful copyright infringement,and must pay the recording industry $1.92 million. Originally they said that she had downloaded over 1000 songs but then they broke that down to 24 and decided that she should have to pay $80,000 a piece for each of the 24 songs!!!! SHEEEET (ie Clay Davis) How the fuck do they expect $80 stacks for a song, I havent heard a song that good in EVER!!! (maybe something oldschool) They are taxing her ass for more than the artist got to make the fucking song, thats some fucking crazy shit!!! WTF

Random Sexy

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FML says…


Today, I had sex with this guy i really like for the first time. After, we were laying in bed listening to music. When the song finished he leaned over and said, “You know what you and that song have in common?” I smiled and said, “What?” He replied with, “You just got played, get out of my bed.” FML

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