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Random Shit

Did he say he gets his negative charge from is balls?? Can you imagine telling a chick that you have an electric nutsack!!!

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How can one person be dominate in NASCAR?  I don’t get it.  I mean, can one person really soup up their car that much more than the next guy?  Aren’t there restrictions on what you can do to your car?  Can one guy be on steroids?  Help me understand.  Maybe I’m just a black man who will never understand NASCAR.  Whatever. 

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Random Funny

LMAO at the dude that was going in for a feel hahaha

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Wale – Bait


Keep Hip Hop Alive, One Bar At A Time
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Time For a Break

A Bad Chick Break that is, today’s B.C.B is Stephanie Santiago @StephsDope

Check out more of her and her pics and shit HERE, shes got enough beautiful pics to keep your spank bank on full for a week!!!


Random Dude Shit

Leather Beer Holster

This shit is pretty sweet, but it would make you look like a fucking lush, and I think it’ll probably make your beer hot as shit but the concept is cool. Click the pic for the info.

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“For Real…?” Friday

Sweet Jesus. I don’t quite know where to start:

– Captain ALou