The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Word of the Day

SLORE (sl-or) – 1. he combining of a “slut” and “Whore”. Usually in terms of a real trick ass bitch, who can’t keep dick out her mouth/puss/rectum.

“Yo that bitch ain’t nuttin but a mudda’fuckin’ Slore”
2.  Cross between “slut” and “whore”. Used to reference a woman who indiscriminately shares the beds of anyone who shows interest, often without protection and/or discretion.

Person1: “That chick who sued Kobe had different guys’ sperm in her.”
Person2: “What a slore.”
via 2dope
Hey look, Kat made it to the Random Blog, wow, I think that’s progress, for which one (the broad or the blog) I don’t know yet??? Kat does teach everyone a valuable lesson: Don’t stick your dick in to anything with a big mouth and a camera ; and that, is one to muthaphuckin grow on!!!

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