The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Rant


So, was listening to Tom Joyner Morning Show today and they were talking about mistresses and how more and more of them are coming out and “SNITCHING”  some even going so far as suing the men that they were with!!!

COME THE FUCK ON, what happened to just getting the dick and a couple dollars and SHUTTING THE FUCK UP?!?!?  John Edwards mistress is gonna be on Oprah, why the fuck does the side bitch get a forum, shouldn’t she be interviewing his wife if anything???  Shaq’s dumbass had in his pre-nup, if his wife proves he cheated she gets more money, so the bitch hires an investigator, finds the mistress, teams up with that bitch, now BOTH of them are suing his ass!!! DAMN, then we all know about Tiger, remember when all the black celebs were fucking white women, cause a long time ago, white women didn’t say shit, they were just happy getting that black dick on the low, but not Tiger’s women, how does every hoe you fuck get a interview, I would hate for every hoe I fucked to get an interview and I aint even fucking married!!! Then there is this bitch KatStacks (look the bitch up cause she gets no link from me) Kat is a hoe, no really she gets paid for sex, but for some reason now besides getting paid to do a service, the bitch is all over the net airing out her famous clients!!! WTF, bitch didn’t you get paid to do YOUR JOB?!?!? Suck a dick, collect a check, keep it moving!!!

Side bitches, you are just as in the wrong as the man your fucking, so STOP SNITCHIN!!! SMDH


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