The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Comments

amber-rose-smooth-08 copy

So Im over at 2dopeboyz and Im looking at this video of Amber Rose, the video was ok, she’s fine (common knowledge) and all that, but then I look at the comments that ppl left…classic. Here are a few of those gems:

“I seen at least 5 hookers last night that would smash on this chemo patient ass bitch. and thats real.”

“She’s a total butterface. She’d need to wear a paper bag over her head first”

“yall trippin id fuck her till my dick fell off. so what if she got a fade. her body is dope as hell n she def a freak!”


“Yea, I watched this video and couldnt help but think or Guess, what it would feel like if she had those Lips on the D? ;-) And then I snapped out of it… splash on her face, pull my pants up and leave em like I do now…”

“ya’ll talk bout how you wouldn’t smash like you already smashin something better! don’t even front wit that, she’d be the best 99% a you fools ever had! I’d smash twice and that’s just before breakfast!”

(in response to that one):

“to bigdog no lie i am with somethin better
my chicks white/flip/mex 5′5″ 116 lbs and a full head of brown hair thats already better”

(and the reply):

you fuckin a mutt duke……”



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