The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Diss Track

Every once in a while a rapper comes out a manages to piss off EVERYBODY!!! That rapper is one Charles Hamilton, now Ive posted him getting hit in the mouth by baby Mary J, and the homey Rhymefest kilted him with a killer diss over Supersonic. You’d think that would be enough for the young (still without an actual album release) rapper to shut the fuck up. WRONG, now the young man CLAIMS that none other than the late GREAT J Dilla himself executive produced his upcoming album (read here) ofcoase this being an ATROCIOUS lie, it has made the young rapper quite a few enemies in the D.

Enter the homey Marv One and his ethering of the young rapper (click the pic)

l_42153a01d9b54bbcb99d171d38662633via 2dopeboyz

And a note to “the young rapper” stay away from the D for a min, ok thanks buddy 🙂


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