The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Comments


So as the story goes P!nk is mad at Kanye for talking about fur at some show, (click the pic for the full story) blah blah blah, the FUNNY part is the comments that ppl left about the story on Hip Hop DX:

“man when hoes b talkin reckless just say “SHUT UP BITCH” dats wut i do”

“Are we talking about Pink or PINKY.??? I’ll take both of them down. Give them the Furry Balls. Fuck Paul McCartney, he needs to find his ex-wifes other leg and get ta stepping. How she gonna Crip Walk with one leg. LOL. Get that fur Ye.!!”

“pink sucks… shes half man half woman. she has NO talent. why is this posted up on HHDX last time I checked pink was Pop? And since when does anyone care what Pink has to say? She’s an idiot too.”

“I just came here to say how much I despise that
Pink bitch !!!

She fucking DISGUSTS me !!! I hope that bitch
gets fucked up bad. She’s hideous garbage.

She makes the wackest music on the Planet,
she’s an ugly Bulldyke lookin bitch.

People like her and her idiotic fanbase are the
reason I hate American pop culture.

Oh yeah…Fuck Kanye too.”


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