The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Freshness

Willie Isz


Willie Isz is a new music duo consisting of the king Khugo Goodie and producer/rapper Jneiro Jarel. Here is the group’s explaintion of the name “Willie Isz” :

Khujo Goodie:Willie” is a generational name. You go down south, you gon’ always find somebody that’s got the name Willie. Whether it’s somebody’s uncle or it’s somebody’s daddy or cousin or brother you can always come down south and find you a Willie. And uh… tell ’em about the “Isz,” shawty.
Jneiro Jarel: One more thing about the “Willie,” me and Khujo‘s pops are [both] named Willie, so we come from the bloodline. And they both from Georgia, so there you have it. But the “Isz.” Basically I always was a big fan of The Maxx, which was a comic and a cartoon on MTV Oddities way back in the day. On that show there’s two sides [to the world], you’ve got Pangea and the dark side that The Maxx comes from. And these little creatures on there were The Iszs. There were the good Iszs and the bad Iszs. If you know Khujo‘s music, always back to “Call Of The Wild” when he did that with  Outkast back in ’94, he always been growling. He always had that “Yeaah!” That monstrous approach. So it’s kind of like the Black Iszs. [We’re] mixing that fantasy world with reality. That’s what Georgiavania is.

Thats crazy cause I had just watch the whole first season of the Maxx a couple weeks ago on youtube. Just like Gnarls Barkley and Idie Warship, Willie Isz is a mixture of rap and rock, soul, all that good shit. From what Ive heard I like they shit, you can peep it out on their Myspace page and be on the look out for their new cd Georgiavania


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