The F@#$in Title Says It All…


michael-vick-r_0via Yahoo

They finally let my dog homie, Mike Vick out of the pen, so whats next for the one time great Quarterback. Random Blog has a few suggestions:

1. Rapper: He’s been to jail, and he smokes weed, that with a couple catchy hooks is all he needs to go platinum in the rap game.

2. Play for the Lions: Like they are gonna say no, sheeeeeet lol

3. Write for Random Blog: Aint no money in it yet, but we do hire Felons 🙂

4. Porn Star: I know after being away for a couple years he wouldn’t mind banging on camera at all, shit especially if he can get a scene with Millian Blu

5. MMA: After fighting inmates off his ass for a couple years, Im sure he’s learned a few moves,  coupled with the fact of just being locked up and now coming home to nothing, I know he’s ready to beat SOMEBODY’S ass!!!

Either way, Im glad the man is out and I pray that he can get his life together in whatever he decides to do (Imma just go to Ford Field and grab him an application just in case lol)

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