The F@#$in Title Says It All…


Nick Cannon Edition:

First off what the fuck is this:

mariah-tattooThis man has tattooed this womans name clear across his entire back!!!! WTF is he going to forget her name, is she going to forget that shit (which is more likely she is like 52 or some shit) And can the pussy be that good to tattoo her name in big fucking letters across you back, now the head may be the shit cause we all know that Mariah can blow but come the fuck on, the best pussy I EVER had wouldnt even make me where a shirt with the chicks name on it let alone tattoo that shit on my body FOREVER!!!! Plus everone knows when you tattoo someones name on your back it equals BREAK UP CITY (dumb fuck!!)


Nick Cannon is beefing with Eminem, now for the record Random Blog gives a fuck less about celebrity beefs and shit but this one is sofa king random that we had to discuss it. I dont know the back story (or care) but here is what young mister Cannon had to say to mister Mathers:

“I’m taking full action on you Eminem”

Click to read the full thing

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