The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Kicks Review

First off:

The LeBron VI Low nike-zoom-lebron-vi-low-white-grey-04-570x380


Now I think that these are pretty fucking straight right here, this would be LeBron’s first actually wearable shoe (besides the Nike Zoom Lebron IV) the only problem is LeBron’s fucking name signed on the side of the shoe, I aint wearing no dudes name on the side of my shoe, how does that look: you see LeBron out and he chillin and you say “what up LeBron, you were fucking up in the game last night” and he’s like “shut up bitch, while your over there with my name on your shoes, BITCH!!” He aint Jordan yet, no signature on the shoe til you get a ring bro!!!

Next is the:

Nike Air Yeezy – Black – Grey – Fire Red

nike-air-yeezy-black-grey-fire-red-02via Sneaker News

Now these shits are dope as fuck, cant even hold them up on that fact, the wack shit…$210, COME ON DUDE, does the bitch fly?? Did Kanye win a fucking championship?? Can I fuck Amber Rose with if I cop these?? Wanna know the wacker part, these (in the picture) might not even come out!!! But I bet Kanye has some, so as fly as you think your gonna get steppin out in these, the dumber you gonna look when Kanye struts besides your ass in his tight pants showing off some shoes in a color that you cant even get!!! BUT for the record these shits are still dope, and if in the recession I come across an extra $210 you might just see me in this shits.

Now lets take a look back at:

Air Jordan 2/21 Countdown Pack

jordan-countdown-pack-21-2-2via Nice Kicks

I got this post straight from Nice Kicks because I thought that these were coming out (before I read) they came out last year, but I still posted it because my point is still valid: WTF!!! How the fuck did they even attempt to package these to ugly ass Jordans together, this is some shit that someone would get you and you’d be all happy til you cracked open the box and that look of excitement turns into a big ass frown of disappointment 😦 These are the bastard children of the Jordan line (sad part is they look like the shoes that the Jordan Brand puts out) The white ones you can get away with, if you rock them right but the black ones…NO WAY. And the killer part…$310, are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! Go to and comment and tell them Random Blog sent you

And last but not at all least we have the Classic:

Air Jordan VII (Hare Jordan’s)

air-jordan-countdown-7-16-04via Sneaker News

These shits right here, beautiful, just an all around Classic shoe, good color, great design. Yo if you rock these shits a dont get no ass, you need to go home a reassess your sexuality, real talk. Im currently saving up for a pair of these shits now, my boy just brought some so Imma wait til he fucks his up then Imma get mine, plus we cant be wearing them at the same time, this aint twin day at high school lol Oh and here the commercial fo yo ass:

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