The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random News Brief

Hairy Lady Tacos & Ass Cracks Could Plague NJ


Ladies, if you like the feeling of your man’s tongue lapping at your silky, freshly-waxed, lower lips, don’t make plans to move to New Jersey. As if the Garden State wasn’t bad enough already, their Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling recently proposed to ban genital waxing from salons and spas statewide.

An excerpt from the agency’s proposal, via The State of New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs online:

“In addition to these practices, the proposed new rule prohibits licensees and shop owners from performing or offering to perform eyebrow and/or eyelash tinting, the removal of hair from the genital area, the removal of skin tags and teeth whitening or other services related to the beautification of the teeth.”

A spokeswhore for New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs, said that the proposal is the result of complaints to the board from two women who were injured and hospitalized. (and probably wasn’t getting no dick anyway)

Um, ewww lol. New Jersey Ladies stand up, this aint nothing but a bunch of New York bitches straight hating on ya’ll.  If ya’ll let some shit like this pass, all ya’ll dudes are gonna be over in NYC with they heads buried between the legs of some freshy Brazilian waxed pus bitch!!! Don’t go out like that ladies!!!


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