The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Sing-A- Long

Tracey Lee – Keep Your Hands High Feat Notorious B.I.G.

Big DESTROYED the last verse of this song!!!!


(Notorious B.I.G.)
I got a new mouth to feed, I’m due south with keys
Y’all pick seeds out y’all weed, I watch cowards bleed
Motherfucker please, it’s my block with my rocks
Fuck the hip-hop, them one-two’s and it don’t stop
Me and my nigga Lance, took him and Cease in vans
Bought ten bricks, four pounds of weed plants
from Branson, now we lamp in, twelve room mansions
Bitches get naked off Get Money, Playas Anthem
Don’t forget One More Chance and, my other hits
Other shit niggaz spit be counterfeit
Robbing come naturally, in and out like fuckin rapidly
Pass the gat to me
Make his chest rest where his back should be
Fuckin blasphemy, blast me, your family rest in coffins
Often, Franquiza, far from soft or fragile, uh
Play hard like Reggie Miller, rapper slash dope dealer
slash guerilla, slash illest turn iller

Here’s the song:

Yo, what the fuck ever happened to Tracey Lee???


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