The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Movie Review


My Review of Watchmen, the good, the bad and the fucked:

The Good:

1. There was a shitload of good ass kickings.

2. Muthaphuckas was getting fucked up (i.e. dude with the hot grease, and dude that got his arms sawed off, etc.)

3. This chick:


Got banged like twice, plus she looks way better in latex and a black wig.

The Bad:

1. The Movie, that shit sucked sacs, its like it was trying to tell 10 stories in 2 hours WTF!!!

2. The butt naked blue dude, why did he have to be ass out through the whole movie??

3. Shit just didnt make sense, its ok to blow up a whole city???

The Fucked:

1. The chick getting her ass beat (didnt they learn anything from Chris Brown’s situation)

2. The little girl being feed to dogs

3. Dude shooting a pregnant woman

4. Nixon still being president

5. Blowing up NYC in the 80s, that shit would’ve killed Rap!!! Bitches!!!

6. If you paid to see this shit

7. If you took a date to see this shit, and didnt get no ass afterwards


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