The F@#$in Title Says It All…

Random Rant


Cute chicks, chicks, shit er’body, please stop smoking them fucking cigarettes!!! What the fuck man, I know times are hard and shit and you need them vices more than ever but PLEASE stop puffin them lil life takers man, if you have to smoke, smoke some herb, at least you get some kind of noticeable sensation, and it makes life seem funnier. This stems from Amber Rose, yes Kanye’s new girl, its funny how she was just a bald headed, cute chick with ass til she was spotted with Ye West, now babygirl cant even go to Walmart to get pads anymore, oh well. Anyway  I see a video of her outside a store smoking, and it makes me thing about all of the chicks that I know that smoke and I was like FUCK, stop that shit man, those lil muthafuckas are butt ass nasty, and I don’t care how good you cover that shit up, that smoke smell and taste are ALWAYS there!!!! I had to get that out man, feels good, shit now I need a cigarette….SIKE!!!!


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