The F@#$in Title Says It All…

3 More Reasons why the FUTURE…


1. The “Stanky Leg”

(warning contents contain coonery, viewer discretion is advised)

WTF is that, now I grew up with “Doo Doo Brown” and “Da Butt” but the MUTHAFUCKING STANKY LEG, are muthafuckas ever trying anymore!!! DAMN

2. Jim Jones


First off why does he always look like he just woke the fuck up??? Secondly, dude raps at about a level 4 (at best) but gets more features than T-Pain (not really though, cause we all know T-Pain on EVERYTHANG) BUT (and this is was I give dude props for) Jim Jones is the Vice-President of Urban A&R at Koch records!!!! So that means all you “I can’t get a job cause Im black” ass muthafuckas look at Jimmy, cause he random as fuck but he runnin shit.

3. Man “Bags”


“Is that a purse” you might be asking, NO, that my friend is a MAN BAG. Nice huh, NO!!!! WTF if your a man you carry a brief case, or a backpack THATS IT!!! MEN DONT CARRY BAGS unless they have gym clothes in them or groceries (mainly beers) And what are dudes carrying in the man bag??? All I leave the house with is my wallet, my cell and my keys and Im good, what else do you need??? You certainly arent pullin any Magnums out of your man bag lol


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