The F@#$in Title Says It All…

The Future…


I have proof:

1) Kanye yeezy

Picture speaks for itself, I still a fan, but dude is like 5 seconds from recording himself taking a shit in Autotune sampling that shit then rapping over it, and what the fuck is with the hair, if its gonna look like that at least run a comb through it DAMN

2. The Shitbox


Yes oh yes, shits real!!!!



Awww dont look surprised muthaphucka, yes facebook is helping the random cause by making EVERYBODY tell anything to ANYBODY that can read, they used to send me emails about people I bearly know becoming friends with people that I dont even know, how random is that?!?!?!? I know people that wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire in real life, that would give you e-head on Facebook for a muthaphuckin photo TAG!!!

Those are just the first 3, until everyone understands how randomness is the Future, there will be more to come!!!!


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