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Xzibit Says that Diddy Took Him To A Gay Club


Xzibit recently detailed an awkward incident that occurred at a New Year’s party in Miami while hanging out with Diddy and Karirine “Superhead” Steffans.

In an interview with Sirius SatellitesFoxxhole radio, X began the strange story by saying, “Puffy calls me outside like ‘Yo, you know about the girl you with?’ I was like ‘Yea nigga. Everybody know.’ He’s like ‘That’s the devil man.’ I was like ‘What you mean she’s the devil?’ Then he’s like, ‘She’ll videotape you with fingers in the booty.’ I was like ‘What? What the fuck are you talking about?’

After confronting Superhead about the incident, the notorious video vixen laughed in response and said she would explain later. “I guess he got some prior incident with her that he don’t want nobody to know about,” added Xzibit.

Upon heading to a club with Diddy and Steffans upon Diddy‘s invitation, things took a turn for the stranger in the west coast rapper’s story. “We get to this club, and we walk in the back way. It’s the VIP lounge, ain’t nobody in there. The club is going, it’s jumping and I’m sitting there with [Superhead],” said X. “So then, [Diddy is] doing his business, we go down and get a drink. We sitting there bobbing to the music, and then [Superhead] point over to the corner. There’s two dudes kissing. I’m like ‘What the f*** is this?’ … Then she point in another direction, and there’s another dude over there, butt ass naked dancing.

X said he was so surprised, he left without telling Diddy.We take off. We leave the club directly. I didn’t say peace to nobody. It was suspect,” he said.

You can chalk it up to being in Miami or whatever,” concluded Xzibit. “But I been in a gang of clubs, I ain’t never mistakenly stepped into a club with that kind of activity. There it is.


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